Seriousness and professionalism

Esteban Monteverde & Partners

We provide a full range of services required by the current needs of our customers and we constantly study the new trends produced in the square, to anticipate us to solve the new problems originating in them.


Our work is specifically aimed at advising clients on the following matters:

  • Auditing Services.
  • Tax Services.
  • Management Outsourcingg.
  • Argentine and Foreign Companies.

In the face of legislation which is constantly changing and in an increasingly competitive market, there are multiple demands for answers and these must be rapid, timely and reliable. Our members frequently assist at courses for keeping up to date with developments thus improving constantly their level of experience and efficiency. Our services are designed to be of permanent support to the needs of our clients.


We have ample knowledge of national and international norms in matters of auditing as required in different countries and professional associations as well as the auditing of financial statements.

We offer professional support to the management of companies in matters of analysing contracts as well as subjects such as audits of acquisitions.

  • Auditing of Financial Statements
  • Risk and Control Auditing
  • Auditing information on franchising and royalty agreements
  • Auditing of internal control processes and design of effective controls
  • Auditing of inventories
  • Auditing of Guarantees
  • Auditing for the acquisition and sale of companies

In our country, tax legislation changes with confusing speed. Rules and norms change constantly and one could say that they are dictated as a response to the actions of taxpayers and not as well planned legislation. As a result of this, our tax department is constantly engaged in keeping up to date with changes in the rules.

We have ample experience in calculating and liquidating the great array of taxes which exist, whether they be national, provincial or municipal. Our country has lately adopted in its legislation, the criterion of worldwide taxable income so we are now engaged in studying and interpreting agreements with other countries in order to avoid double taxation. We analyze and give our opinion on matters presented to us and endeavour to be of assistance to management as regards final decisions.

In short, we make an effort to assist in decisions and help to keep taxes as low as legally permitted.

  • Planning and fiscal strategy
  • Estimation of taxes and their projection
  • Services of valuation and fiscal depreciation
  • Analysis of the fiscal state of companies
  • Advice on indirect taxes
  • Advice on direct taxes
  • Management Resources
  • Presentation of cases at Fiscal Tribunals

Outsourcing is a way to delegate certain functions of a company to to be carried out by an independent organization. For carrying out these tasks, we have a team of highly qualified professionals, state of the art computing systems and many years of experience in the field.

  • Outsourcing of management services
  • Outsourcing of accounting services
  • Outsourcing of liquidation of wages and social taxes
  • Outsourcing of Systems
  • Outsourcing of Taxes

In the manner shown, the management of a company can concentrate on strategic planning and manufacturing and commercializing their products while leaving to us all other tasks which are not part of the main purpose of the firm.

In our firm we have specialists in matters concerning Argentine and Foreign companies, enabling us to offer many services such as forming companies, making changes in rules and contracts, preparing documents for “Annual General Meetings”, Absorptions, mergers and Divisions as well as Registration of foreign firms , their subsidiaries and/or branches.